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Rome - last day

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A lovely sunny day in Rome today.

We walked to Vatican City.

The Canadians from Florence had warned us about the queues, (which were immense and of no interest to us to join).

Approaching, you are hastled by numerout touts most of whom are clearly not Italian.

We loitered in the square and the walked around the outside of the walls, circumnavigating an entire country. It's quite peaceful for most of it.

Vatican makes the 10th country visited this trip - I probably spent less than a combined 12 hours in Gibraltar, Morocco, San Marino and Vatican!


We walked to the Spanish Steps after lunch (they were closed) and then to the gardens behind, which have a nice view over the city.


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Up early for a longish drive to Rome.

We took the A1 and I saw the point where in May 1980 my car was totallwd by Ricardo whose wheel fell off!

The trip was uneventful except 650 metres before we arrived at Rome station, the Carabiniari pulled us over. They checked my licence and the car's papers and let us go. No idea why we were pulled over.

The total distance travelled was over 1,100k.

We walked to our AirBNB apartment (the best so far) and dropped our bags and walked up to the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, which is only 100 metres away.


We had to take sheler from a thunder storm, but it passed and the sun came out for the afternoon.

We are about a kilometre away from the Colosseum & took a touristy stroll for a couple of hours.


Dinner at a gay restaurant - we were the only patrons there!

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Woke to rain.

It was showers, so there were clear moments too.

We went out for breakfast unprepared for the rain and had to shelter on the way home.

Then we went for a 2.5 hour walk around the town.


After a rest, we ventured out again. The rain had stopped and the sun appeared a bit. It was warm and humid.

We walked to Piazzale Michelangelo, which is on a hill with a good view over the city.


On the way back, we stopped for coffee and a Canadian couple chatted with us. Justin knew of her nephew who was a top ice hocker player in America who had had a heart attack last year while he was on the bench during a game. He was 31 and had to be revived. He then wanted to play on!

An hour walk to and from dinner adds up to around 4 hours walking today. I hope it's working - we're eating pizza and gelati!

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Cars & Florence

Driving south

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We walked into town and had coffee. Justin worked out that we had walked for about 38 hours in not much more than two weeks - that's not including small walks.

Then it was off to Lamborghini for some petrol-head stuff.


We then plotted a route to Florence off the A1 toll road - the distance wasn't much greater, but it took almost twice as long due to ridiculously low speed limits. We weren't in a hurry and parts of the drive were lovely.

Until today, I have done all the driving, but Justin had a go for about 30 minutes today.


Driving into Florence, we appreciated Austrlian roads - at one intersection four lanes turned into three with no indication of who should go where.

At a major roundabout, we wanted to get off and a guy in a shit-box just pushed in, while a swarm of scooters passed on all sides!

We found our AirBNB apartment - there had been some problems with the booking. The owner's grandson explained she hated the English and we had been identified as such. When she fould out we were Australian, it was sorted.

We walked into the touristy part of the town for a while.


We had a great dinner at a local restaurant, followed by a gelato, which was amazing!


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San Marino

Bonus country

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It was pissing with rain when we went out for breakfast, so much so that I stopped at the first possible place - the coffee was still good.

As we had walked into the centre yesterday, we decised to drive to San Marino, less than two hours away.

San Marino is a tiny republic surrounded by Italy, with amazing medieval fortifications on top of Mount Titan.


While there, we visited the torture museum - gruesome!


We walked into town for some exercise and stopped for dinner on the way back. The owner of the bar/cafe spoke English and without asking, brought us a dish that was dlicious. It was trippa (tripe). Still delicious.

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