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Riva to Bologna

Via Ferrari

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We started the morning with a walk around Riva.

We then headed south to Modena where we visitd the Museo Enzo Ferrari. It was quite interesting.


We then drove a little further south to Bologna.

Our AirBNB apartment is big, and very nice.

It took around 40 minutes wo walk into the centre where we stumbled across a parade that was good fun to watch. We haven't a clue what it was about.


The centre was full of tourists.

No need to go to Pisa - the tower on the left in the following photo is leaning as well!


Excitingly, I cooked (eggs) for dinner - the first time I have cooked dinner since I left Melbourne.

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More Riva


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Last day in beautiful Riva.

We all walked up the hill to Chiesa di Santa Barbara, a chapel perched 545 metres vertically up. The path there is 2.6 Ks. There was a spirit of competition, as Igor's fastest time up was 56 minutes.

Justin did it in 36 minutes 45 seconds, I managed 40 minutes and Igor and Jennny did 47 minutes.

The views from there are spectatular.


After lunch, Jenny, Justin and I went on another walk, 12k return, up a much more gradual incline, but with great views.

There were lots of mountain bikers on the path, that used to be a road. There were also plenty of sheer drops that tested our hight-related insecurities.


Igor and Jenny took Justin and me up the hill, firstly to a village called Canale. Igor said the village was around 800 years old.


We then went to a traditional restaurant in Calvola and ate far too much.

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Action packed

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Justin & I went tor a walk through Riva to Torbole, south of Riva. A major river runs into the lake here.

This took just over two hours.


Then we drove to Arco, where Justin, Igor and I skated to Torbole, and Jenny jogged. The skaters repeated some of the path, so we covered around 18k.

We had lunch and then walked up to an old castle.


We then went to a bike clothes shop with a sale on mens medium size gear. Justin, Igor and I all bought stuff!

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Venice to Riva


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We left Venice for the airport to collect a hire car - a Lancia thia is 1.2 litre and more gutless than the Spanish Seat I had in Spain.


We planned a drive on roads without tolls, which took about 30% longer, but was very scenic.

Unfortunately, a wrong turn got us onto a toll road that cost 2 Euro 40 to get off, and later, we got on another one inadvertantly, but we stayed on it to arrive at Riva del Garda at 2.30.

There we met Igor and Jenny...Igor is part of the skate club.

Riva is where the mountains meet the lake and is spectatular. Igor was born here. When his mother was born (1916), Riva was part of Austria.

After a coffee, Jennny took us for a lovely walk.


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Lido visit

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It took us around 40 minutes to find somewhere suitable for breakfast, but it was worth it.


The tide was high - so high parts of the square were under water.


We then caught a water bus to the Lido, an island that is part of Venice, but very different - more modern.

It has a beach and there was kiting, but too windy for my kite (which I didn't take).


We got off a stop early on the return and walked back.


I spend an hour in the sun in San Marco square reading and watching all the tourists.


On the way back to the apartment, I observed an old man, walking with small and uncertain steps arrive at one of the numerous bridges, where he stopped.

I gave him my arm and we slowly went up and down the other side. When he was safely on flat ground, he blew me a kiss and I bade him ciao.

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