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Sadly, Sebastian returned home this morning, taking the car back to Lisbon.

The guest house I am in is around 15 minutes walk from the centre, so I wandered into town around noon.

I needed a new set of waterproof headphones as I broke mine yesterday. The surf shop (staffed by a Kiwi) had them, as well as a mountain bike that has had a hard life.

I peddled back to my room and pulled my kiteboard into two pieces.

It was a challenge to get everything into the kite bag (see first post), as I didn't want to pull the board to pieces completely. I just needed to get to the kite beach.

While I have a GPS in my phone, and I knew the destination, navigating on a bicycle with the GPS on pedestrian mode (in Melbourne, there is bike mode, but not here) proved a challenge.

Not only did I have to consult my phone frequently while peddling on the wrong side of the road, I also had to deal with a route unsuitable for a bicycle (the car route is much longer). It included steps, pedestrian only streets (some of which I rode) and some steep up hills, which combined with a 14kg backpack and a dodgy set of gears added interest.

Shadow selfie while peddling

I made a few wrong turns & it took me 40 minutes to get to the parking area. This included riding through a gold course, on a gravel road and sand (couldn't peddle some of that).

My arrival coincided with the arrival of the local kite schools and students, so I locked my bike in the back of one of the vehicles.

The tide was much further out than yesterday, so heaps of set up area.

While there were lots of people and kites, there were only around three of us not having lessons and enjoying the windy and gusty conditions.

My kite during a rest.

I kited around 45 minutes and it was gusting above my safe maximum, but only gusting above, so I had a short break and headed out again for maybe another 20 minutes.

The tide was coming in quite fast, which increased the kite area and made for some lovely flat (very shallow) water. I did some big jumps, but called it quits, not long before a number of others.

Unfashionable, but sensible kite hat. Actually, the sun isn't very burny here.

I met an Austrian family that thought my kiting was amazing - they were new. Their daughter is on exchange in Townsville for a year.

My ability to unbolt my board and put it in my backpack attracted some attention, including from Henrique, a Portugese kite instructor keen to teach in Australia.

Back for some laundry and a shower. My return trip took even longer!

Dinner at a funky place called Nah Nah Bah, with the best burgers in Portugal. Sebastian and I went there on our first night and I was recognised as a repeat customer. Having missed lunch, I had a burger. Very filling!

Sitting next to me at the bar, was some eye candy called Ben. He was from New Zealand and crewed on super yachts (no sails...a rich person's boat).

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Sebastian and I decided to take a kayak tour this morning.

The coast around Lagos is riddled with cliffs and caves, which we explored.

There were lots of opeople, on our tour, and others, the lazy ones in power boats.


After a walk into town, we decided to drive to the kite beach, which for us meant drive to the end of a road (the wrong one) and a long walk to the kite beach.

It was good to see the kites flying before we got there, so we kneo it was going to be okay, and we had a fun session, although it wasn't optimal.

No photos, I'm afraid, other than the one driving home after.


We have just consumed a bottle of Portugese wine our host gave us (he has a distribution business) - it's nice, but not amazing. Of course, it has a cork, being the home of cork...I am so used to screw top now.

Dinner out and another bottle of wine...just a bit tipsy. Sebastian leaves tomorrow 😢

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Lisbon to Lagos

A long day

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My bags turned up 24 hours after I did, along with a terrible smell.

We had a late dinner (including more Portugese tarts) last night in the old town of Lisbon, catching the number 15 tram each way.

There are larger trams and tiny, old ones, like the one we caught last night. The guage is narrow and they rock a lot.

The driver was cautious, but fast!

Up this morning for a healthy breakfast of a muffin and revolting coffee.

Then off to the airport to pick up a hire car.

That took 90 minutes - super inefficient.

We then headed south, having been advised by the shuttle driver to go via Sines on the coast - longer, but prettier.


It certainly was pretty, and I discovered the source of the smell - someone, or their dog, had pissed on my kite bag! A pervuasive smell.

We arrived in Lagos at 5.00 and, after getting settled, went for a lovely walk, followed by dinner, getting back at 10.00pm, so an early night.

Lots of tourists here, although it's the end of the high season.


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Getting into the groove of late dinners from the first day, easy because my body clock is still adjusting.

I woke up this morning at 4.30, thought it was 5.30 & started reading. Fortunately, i got a couple more hours sleep.

A local walk this morning, and then a tour with a local guide (jusst Sebastian and me), which was very informative.

There are baby trams, and more Melbourne-like ones too.

The don't call them Portugese tarts here, but there are queues to the good chops.

Joel, me and Sebastian

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Just not my bags

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28 hours after leaving Melbourne, I'm in Lisbon.

Unfortunately, Etihad delayed the departure of my flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris to wait for some connecting passengers who had been delayed by weather.

45 minutes late taking off and 30 minutes late arriving didn't allow enough time for my bags to be transferred apparently, even though I had no trouble.

I hope they turn up soon. I smell!

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