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Cadiz to Tarifa

Another nice day

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I've worked out how not to wake up with the sun (or the bells). Insert ear plugs and don eye mask, as if on a flight. Works a treat.

I carefully packed some shit clothes for my trip, which included a pair of shorts that last trip needed stitching. They lasted another 14 months, so I have sewing cred, but I spotted a clothes shop last night with bargain shorts, so back this morning - breakfast nearby, then into the shop for some denim shorts for 10 Euro.


Then back to finish packing and leave my Attico apartment and collect my car from the expensive car park opposite.

It came from upstairs in a lift.


My GPS was insistent I should drive through the tables and chairs outside a restaurant, so I switched it off until I was out of the tiny streets.

Onwards to Tarifa, past more than 100 wind turbines, which I think are pretty, although they should a turn in unison!


Approaching Tarifa, I saw a kite beach, so I pulled in. It was Valdevaqueros Beach, probably the main kite beach. There was a camping area with kite hippies, and a couple of people playing with kites, but not enough wind.


I hung around in case a seabreeze arrived and because I couldn't arrive before 4.00pm.

Driving into town, you can see Africa - it's close.

I had asked about parking near the apartment, not quite realising that there was no room in the street for a car!


Anyway, I found a free public spot 500m away and there the car is (I hope).

I have gone from the attic to the basement- not quite, but there is an overpowering smell of mould here. I get used to it each time I come in.

It's tiny, but adequate.

A walk around the town and a beer, followed by a reunion with a French kiteboarder I met in St Kilda in 2011.


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More Cadiz

Better than expected

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Today started a bit overcast, with a shower expected.

My first foray for breakfast provided the best coffee so far. Lots of tourists in town.


I then visited a gym, which turned out to be for women, so back to Google. I found I needed to search for the Spanish word - gimnasio, which produced an excellent and cheap option.

After a shower, I decided to explore more, and get some lunch.


Lunch at a cafe with a nice aspect and only the occasional vehicle passing inches by my table. The guy with the squeeze-box was ok, but well-played squeeze-boxes are like well played bagpipes- still awful.

It's appropriate to see the layout of old Cadiz - almost an island.


My walk back along the coast reverd the castle on San Sebastian. Quite spectacular- I felt I should be in armour on a horse, or clapping two coconut halves together like Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail.


Interesting side note - we learned on out tour in Lisbon that Saint Sebastian was possibly the first gay icon!

Then I went to Caleta Beach to read and look at the sights and get sunburnt.


Sunset from my apartment.

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The long way

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Post script to last night - I bumped into an Australian in the square near my apartment who shares the same osteo as me!

Up early this morning, at least by Spanish standards.

A quick breakfast and then a 2.3k walk to the train station to collect my hire car. I woke all the people enroute due to cobbles. I'm hoping my wheels will last the trip.


After checking the car (and finding several scratches Hertz hadn't identified), I was off in my diesel Seat (Spanish) car. It's very good. I rely on the Google GPS, which like last year's trip resulted in some dodgy advice - including one perpetual cloverleaf manouvre. I'd still be doing it if I didn't disobey it.

A couple of other wrong tuurns and a toll-free (less direct) route took me past an amazing edifice.


Lots of green energy visible...wind and solar.


I stopped at Cortadura beach (the kite beach). Not enough wind today...and forecast no good for tomorrow).


My AirBNB apartment is on the roof of a building (79 steps up) and is great (apart from the 79 steps).


Then a wander around the town, which is lovely (surrounded by water).


Then to Caleta Beach and the Monument to the Constitution.


I packed my skates last minute, because I had the space and weight allocation.

Old European cities are not skate friendly, but on my walk around the cliff-top path, I thought I might cope, so I gave it a go.

Occasional stretches of okay paving were interrupted by more stretches of paving designed by teams of skate-hating urban planners.


These pavers were better when diamond patterned - that just shook my fillings out. When square, the gutters caught my wheels. Occassional marble was just slippery. Anyway, I survived.


A wander to a tapas place for dinner.


$4 for an anchovy!

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Onwards to Spain

A long day - becoming two

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Instead of catching a taxi to the bus station this morning, I decided to walk the 2.2k.

The Portugese habit of paving things with stones ensured the occupants of every house I passed were woken by the sound generated by the wheely bag I have.


Fortunately, the wheels survived the trauma and I arrived in plenty of time to catch my bus.


The bus actually departed five minutes early, and stopped in a handful of places in the Algarve region, before crossing the river marking the border with Spain, which also meant advancing the time one hour.


After lunch in the bus terminal cafe, I walked my bags over Spanish cobbles to my AirBNB apartment, which is lovely and modern and roomy for the price. Also brilliantly located in la Alameda.

I walked around the local area, saw a couple dancing (and pashing) to the music of a busker.


And, most importantly, I've finally seen the Barber of Seville.


I don't know what all the fuss is about!

I did some washing, and hung it on the roof (at least it isn't outside a window).


There are no spontaneous showers in this apartment. You have to turn the hot water on and wait 10 minutes.


I met with Carmen, the best friend of Vicky (a kiteboarding friend from Seville who lives in Melbourne).

Carmen was great. We took a couple of the local bike-scheme bikes and cycled along the river to the Triana and area, where we walked around and had a drink. The bikes appear to be made out of a solid piece of steel - they are super heavy, and have to take the crappy cobblestones.

The local beers are quite small.


Then we had tapas and some of Carmen's gay friends turned up.

At half-past midnight, the area was crowded and vibrant.


I got back to the apartment at 1.00am, so no update yesterday.


I woke at 9.30 (still on Portugese time) and had a pastry and capuccino that was very average. The froth looked like dish-washing foam but tasted slightly better.


Then a walking tour with a local guide called Eduardo.

We went to some lovely places, with large queues to get into a couple of the key monuments, so I won't see inside them!

14th and 15th century Moorish buildings (often updated by christianity) were not uncommon, with som Roman columns thrown in too! The lattice-work monument was German designed and is made of timber (must be a bugger to maintain).


The local trams are interesting - they appear to recharge at the stops, as there are no overhead wires on the route.


The tourist areas are busy, and the buskers are rather good.


After a break, I walked to see the bull fight arena. It cost to get in and I can't bring myself to support such a brutal activity, so outside only.


Then to the tower of Gold, and a walk along the river in some light drizzle. There are a lot of people about dressed up (morning dress). I don't know why.


Returning home past a pastry shop (I've been powered by pastries today).


Out for tapas at around 8, at a place recommended by my Lagos host. Bar Eslava - great food.


Guy blowing big bubbles (for hours).


Wandering around afterwards, around 100 Vespas were off for a ride, and at 10pm, the playground was full of kids.


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Last day in Lagos


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This morning I arrived for breakfast at 8.20, 40 minutes too early!

Late breakfasts must be a consequence of late dinners and even later nights out.

I then walked the exciting cliff path again.


The houses remind me of the ones on the Portsea cliffs, not architecturally, but because they are clearly worth a packet.

Someone was having their trees trimmed.

There's one point where it's pretty hairy. I was out of my comfort zone, but some people turned back, so I felt brave!


I then cycled to the kite beach again. The good news was I irnored the GPS and went into the town the way I walk, and then went from there. Probably longer, but quicker, as there were no wrong turns.

I set up all my gear - it was very gusty and I was worried about being over powered. I was right to be worried, as seconds after I started kiting (fully depowered), my kite inverted in a gust.

It was all over - I have to use the safety and dump my kite in the water 😢

It wasn't worth trying again - too variable, so back to base.

After a rest, I took the bike back and wandered the old town. Full of tourists (and a fair bit of eye candy).


The place is full of couples. The only thing not straight are the streets!

I had dinner in a funky place called the Garden...it was chilly out once the sun went down.


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