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Tarifa to Torremolinos

Windy again

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After breakfast, I went for a skate (the same path as yesterday).

It was windy early, so rather than head to Torremolinos as planned, I packed up and left the apartment and went to the beach I kited at yesterday.

The wind was good, but the sea was rough. I had a nice kite (and dried the kite from yesterday).

There seemed to be a wedding thing happening, with a man and woman dressed for a wedding, but he kited!


I dried myself in the sun, had lunch and trove to Torremolinos, almost two hours away on the Costa del Sol.

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Last day in Tarifa

Good last day

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Postscript to last night.

Caught up for a drink at a pub with a local guy (Paco) and my phone rang.

Unknown Spanish number. As I answered, a guy from the next table came over - it was my host (who I had not yet met). He told my the apartment I am in is over 400 years old!

Paco & I went to the feria (week long fair) and on the way bumped into three Aussies I'd met in Morocco, the second coincidence in an hour.


Sleep in morning.

Dull, cloudy morning, which fortunately cleared up.

I went for a skate (on an excellent surface) and passed a mobile bar powered by peddling drunks, singing. I also passed a horse rider.


Then to the beach. After a couple of hours, the wind came up at 6.30, so off I went. Too light for many, and it died off.

Unfortunately a beginner crashed his kite into mine causing it to get wet - I left with a kilo of sand in the kite!

It's the last night of the feria, so heaps of people in traditional costume.


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Tarifa kiting

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An exciting and abrupt start to my morning today.

My little apartment is one of a handful off a small common terrace. There is a door from the street to the terrace that is locked at night.

At 4.00am, someone was knocking at that door. I knew it wasn't for me and I wasn't going to get it.

The knocking became banging and went on for several minutes. I heard voices, presumably from other apartments.

It all went quiet.

I was awake 2 hours.

This morning I discover the door was broken in - the lock, timber frame and concrete were badly damaged. Someone's in trouble!


A morning wandering the streets and buying some clothes (I'll chuck out some more past-it stuff here).

A car went past with speakers blaring music and the passenger chucking leaflets out the window. They did this in front of the local police, so litter laws aren't enforced.


The leaflets seemed to be promoting a bull fight - I won't be going!

Kite at beach for afternoon - great.

After kiting, I met an Irish gay boy from Dublin who lives in London & had a drink with him, his lesbian friend and her aunt.


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A day out

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The forecast wind was not as good today as the next two days, so I decided on a trip to Tangier in Morocco.

All rather last minute, so Rather than just walk around (and be the target of touts), I opted for the cultural tour.

I detest being on group tours, but to have a private guide was literally twice the price. And, the private guide option available did the cultural tour anyway - when I said I wanted flexibility, they said not possible!

The 60 Euro I paid is actually cheaper than the normal return ferry trip.

Of course, as the ferry leaves Tarifa, I see there are kites out, so my decision was flawed. However, I wanted to go and am only in Tarifa until Sunday. I figured there would me more people on Saturday, so today is as good as tomorrow.


On arrival, we were split into bus loads, with the guide speaking, Arabic, French, Spanish, English and Italian.

This meant lots of talking, of which 20% was in English. He chopped and changed so much it was difficult to keep up.

We went to the Medina, and a former palace, now museum.


Lunch was at a "local" restaurant, processing bus-loads of tourists. Included in the price.

There was a quartet playing Moroccan numbers. I'm not buying the CD.

I scored a table with no native English speakers.

The food was good.

Then off to a Berber pharmacy, where we had a lesson on assorted spices including ones for a variety of ailments.


After that, we were let loose among the touts, who turned out to be relatively benign on the tout scale.

They were happy to chat about Australia.


Then the bus took us past the palace (the king was home) to a high spot with Roman columns from which we could see Spain.


Next stop, dromedary rides, but not for me.


Then another view, mainly of haze or smog.


Then back to the port and Spain.

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Tarifa and Gibraltar

Bonus country

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I went for a walk around Tarifa after breakfast and walked to the southern most part of Europe.


I could feel the wind, so off to the kite beach.

The wind was good and the sun was out, but I suffered another inverted kite. I was way offshore, but luckily managed to relaunch and get into shore.

The problem is caused by a loss of pressure - I was fearful of a hole, but think the leak is coming from a valve I need to tighten more.

I had a good time, and was packed up by 3, so I decided to visit thr UK!

Gibraltar is close & it's quick to walk in. A passport is needed.


Buying a beer resulted in getting change in Pounds. Not very useful.

It's rather unusual to cross the international airport runway going in and coming out!

It took me ages to find s free park when I got back.

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