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We found a pratisserie for breakfast.

Then off to Versailles on the train.

The place is an obsenity of opulence, but the gardens are nice.


As we walked back to the station, it started to rain, and then it poured.

The wet weather has put an end to Justin and my plan to skate the Pari Roller tonight.

We had dinner with Olivier, a skater friend I met in 2006, after which Vignesh and I went to a bar.

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Long sleeves

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Up early for the drive to the airport.

When I retirned the hire car, I had traveled exactly 700k and used 37 litres of diesel.

Much of the day spent traveling to Paris.

Found the AirBNB apartment in the 3rd arrondissement & joined shortly thereafter by Vignesh and then Justin.

A promenade around the area, then an early night.


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Last day in Spain

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I'm over this cold - it's causing broken sleep and my nose is running like a tap.

I skated this morning again and decided that I'd just have a quiet day rather than have a day seeing sights a drive away.


I can't complain about the weather - sunny (and windy, although I'm resisting kiting today).

I hit the beach and didn't do much, which is much like the tourists here, whose main occupation when not eating or drinking, is sauntering.

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What - no photos?

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Awful sleep - I have a cold 😰

Breakfast with James. We are both here alone & the company is good. James is looking at apartments to buy.

I called the local kite school who said wind was forecast & sent me a link to a map showing where to go.

A morning skate, the 3.8k path may be designated for skaters and cyclists, but tell the tourists and delivery people that. It's not safe to go fast, although as one gets further away there are fewer people.

I then packed my kite gear & headed off to the designated beach.


The blue dot is where I'm staying and the red pin is the kite beach.

They used to kite a bit south, but it has been banned due to the flight path. Something of an over reaction.

There were only two kites out when I arrived, but another turned up as I was ready to launch, so that was handy.

Lovely wond for around 50 minutes, when it increased. I called it a day as I was over-powered.

When I got in, there were probably 10 kiters.

That's it for kiting in Spain, as my gear needs to be dry for the flight to Paris on Thursday morning.

Dinner with James (who leaves early tomorrow) at El Gato sgain.


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Costa del Sol

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Unsurprisingly on the Costa del Sol, it's sunny today.

Last night, I met a guy the same age as me who is Danish, but his father was Australian. He did his PhD in Sydney.

We had a most enjoyable dinner. He took the following photo.


On the way back, we passed a boomerang shop!


This morning, we bumped into each other at the same cafe for breakfast...spooky.

Last night, we walked along a beach-side promenade which had a few skaters, so after breakfast, I walked down the hill, donned my skates and went on the same parth.

After a few kilometers, I collided at low speed with a jogger who told me in no uncerain Spanish terms, "no platina", so I learned two things. You can't skate there and the Spanish word for skate. I considered it an educational morning.

I executed a U-turn and discovered a dedicated path for cyclists and skaters going the other way from my start point. It went 3.8k to the end of Torremolinos. Not really long enough, but I'll do it twice next time!


Torremolinos is full of tourists, and the beaches are organised with beach chairs etc. Not my style really, but there are patches of chair-free beach.

No kiting in the immediate area, but not to far to drive. After four days in a row, I decided to have the day off today.

I went to the local gym.

A spot of sunbaking on the beach. There were heaps of empty beach chairs, all of which I resisted. Going instead for free sand.

It was all good until a family decided to ignore the substantial empty areas available and plonk themselves down two metres away. No concept of other people's personal space.


Dinner with James, the guy from last night.


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