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Shopping mall!

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A day of travel today..

Two trains and a bus to get to the airport, quick check-in then a long wait to get through security.

People seem clueless and don't prepare for the process until the last minute.

I dress so I have nothing that needs removing & breeze through.

It took pretty much eight hours from leaving our apartment in Berlin to arrival in our apartment in Venice.

The flight was all of about 80 minutes, but then we waited 90 minutes for a water bus at the airport dock followed by a 45 minute trip.

The apartment is great, very central.

It's been 35 years since I was in Venice. It looks the same, but there are more tourists...heaps of them.

An amazing city, full of expensive brand shops, gondolas and tourists. It's like Las Vegas and a shopping mall combined!


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More marathon

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Today was the Berlin marathon (for runners), with around 40,000 people entered.

Justin and I wandered up to the 37k mark shortly before the first wheelchair competitors passed.

There were two main types of chair used, hand-cranked and those with the wheels being turned by hand.

It was pretty inspiring to see these athletes.


BMW is the major sponsor. They had many of their vehicles on the race route, including electric scooters.


The three lead runners were amazingly fast after 37k.


We caught up with a couchsurfer who stayed with me and then Justin a couple of years ago.


We ate at a Japanese place appropriately called Men Men (it wasn't gay).

There was what appeared to be an inter-faith festival - this dude was singing - it sounded Arabic (I don't think it was Hebrew).


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Skate marathon


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Heaps of walking today!

I went looking for a gym. This turned into a one-hour walk, as the first one didn't take casual visitors and I couldn't fund the second one.


Then I walkd 6.6k to lunch with a former kiteboading instructor from Melbourne.

It was a touristy walk. At the point of the remaining wall, there were people in military uniform posing with tourists for photos. Very twee - I didn't waste the pixels taking a photo.

This giraffe is made of Lego!


More things seen on the walk.


The reunion turned out to be with two former kite friends, Sarah and Andrea.


Then a walk to the start of the skate marathon, past more touristy things.


These two officials were dancing to a song that was playing!


I left the start area 30 minutes before the start and returned to the apartment, which was a 10 minute walk from the half-way point.

Based on the winner's time last year, I got to the half-way point about five minutes before the leaders (less than 30 minutes from the start).


The guy in front is Bart Swings, who skated faster in the second half and set a new record of 56 minutes and 47 seconds for 42k!

Then the rest of the skaters passed by in clumps.


The skaters I knew all did well.

I probably walked a total of 20k - that's almost half a marathon.

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Don't mention the war!

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After a pleasant breakfast in a local bakery cafe, we started walking to the registration area for the marathon.

We decided to hire bikes through the bike share scheme.

This eventually worked and was quite effective.


Justin got his race number and we cycled back.

We then donned our skates and skated to the Tempelhof airport (right be where we'd been in the morning).

This was the airport that supplied west-Berlin when is was otherwise blockaded by the Russians after the war.

We found our way onto the runway area and skated all over (the airport isn't active).


We saw what happens when you walk on a bike parh (these are not well marked so non-locals tended to walk on them) - a butch female rider cycled by a female pedestrian, and deliberately shoulder-butted her!

Our return route was poor quality to skate on and we were tired.

Dinner at a local gay restaurant (we're in a gay area) followed by a walk.

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Via Switzerland

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Off to Berlin today, which required a visit to Stitzerland as our flight left from Basel.

It is 40 minutes via train to Basel, where we stored our bags & met Melissa, a former Melbourne-based (but Venezuelan-born) kiteboarding instructor.

We had a coffee, a walk around and then to the airport.


This evening, we met with some speed skating friends also here to skate the Berlin Marathon on Saturday.


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